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NitroGenix Review – Building Muscles the Right Way

NitroGenix Review – Building Muscles the Right Way

Have you tried the best muscle-building supplements?
When you think about bodybuilding supplements, you first think about protein powders, pre-workout mixes, and testosterone boosters. I can’t blame you. These products are the most common muscle building supplements around, but the problem is – the real supplements that get you big muscles do not get as much exposure. It’s not that protein powders and workout supplements don’t work; it’s just that they take too much time before actually delivering results, which bothers me to say the least.

That’s why I’m reviewing one of the best bodybuilding products around to show you better options for your workout supplements. The product I’m talking about is NitroGenix 365. You might have heard of it from various review sites, and those are mostly positive reviews from what I reckon. In this review, we’ll break down what makes NitroGenix special from the rest.


The ingredient approach for Nitrogenix is fairly simple – dilate blood vessels to allow more oxygen-rich blood to flow to your muscles. This is done with a core ingredient of L-Arginine.

L-Arginine is one of the most effective nitric boosters around. Its primary function is to initiate the increase of Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide then triggers the smooth muscles lining your arteries to relax, which allows it to dilate. Oxygen and nutrient-rich blood then supplies the muscles, which immediately allows you to enjoy better strength and stamina.

The other ingredient in the formula is Glutamine, an ingredient that promotes better protein synthesis by preventing the degradation of glutamine concentration in your muscles. Glutamine is one of the most effective muscle building supplements around, and that is widely due to its ability to build muscles fast unlike protein powders.

Lastly, Nitrogenix contains Ornithine, which works on the increase of insulin and hormones that help speed up the process of muscle building. Together with L-Arginine and Glutamine, Ornithine helps to increase power, recovery, and stamina.


You can take all the protein powders and the pre-workout shakes you want, but without an improvement in your circulation, it won’t be as effective as you thought it would. After all, once your supplements are absorbed by the small intestine, it is sent to the bloodstream – which is where NitroGenix 365 does most of its work.

Many muscle building supplements suggest that you use their line of products to ensure that you get the most out of your workouts, but with NitroGenix 365, you can pretty much stack it with other protein powders and pre-workout shakes without having any problem. The key is to take one dose of NitroGenix 365 every day – to prepare yourself for the gym, and on your off-days to speed up muscle recovery.


Muscle power, stamina, and recovery are the most important targets for rapid muscular growth, and NitroGenix 365 works on all these three aspects. You can definitely take more protein and more pre-workout supplements, but you won’t get as close to what NitroGenix 365 can give you.