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Universal Atomic 7 Reviews

Universal Atomic 7 Reviews

An Atomic knockout punch to tenderness


Atomic 7 is a BCAA made by Universal. BCAA stands for branched string amino acids. These are the blocks of necessary protein and that can boost necessary protein synthesis, muscle mass endurance and recovery during exercise sessions and possess been demonstrated to lower surplus fat.

I experienced claimed a gift that is free on right here to make use of on for announcing a product that is new decided i’d make use of it on a Intra exercise. I made the decision to offer Atomic 7 an attempt on here after I read some of the reviews for it. This is my first previously Universal item We have taken.


Vitamin B6 10mg

L-Leucine 4g10b-universal-atomic-7-reviews

L-Isoleucine 2g

L-Valine 2g

L-Glutamine 2g

Citrulline Malate 1g

L-Taurine 500 mg

DIFFERENT COMPONENTS: Citric acid, all-natural taste, acesulfame K, sucralose, purple #40 pond, FD&C Blue # 1, pyridoxine HCl.

I do believe the profile that is ingredient quite good. That is a ratio that is 2:1:1. We think the 4:1:1 ratio is the better total it is possible to simply take. It has an extremely profile that is similar Xtend but it has a tad bit more in BCAA’s plus they added Taurine in this that we fancy. In addition truly such as the large levels of Leucine they place in here. We state the greater Leucine the higher for data recovery.


I acquired small dimensions container with 30 portions with it. We utilized 1 information each right some time it worked beneficial to me personally. Had no presssing problems after all with blending this. No genuine gritty pieces to manage while drinking it and incredibly foam that is little any.


I obtained this for $19.95 that we believed had been a price that is decent that which you be in the product. Plenty of web sites We have observed advertise this for about $20 to reasonable $20 range that is to not bad.


We moved with all the watermelon taste I wanted since they did not have the black cherry which. They likewise have a grape taste. I always smell the powder to see what it smells like and it had a real strong watermelon smell to it and thought it smelled pretty good when I first opened this. Using the watermelon that is strong it had I happened to be like guy if this tastes as effective as it smell this can be likely to taste amazing. Really I happened to be just a little disappointed which flavor but it had been nevertheless great. It failed to taste nearly as good it would by how good it smelled as I thought. This didn’t have a really watermelon that is strong to it. This really is most likely a thing that is good i might have desired to guzzle it in the place of drinking upon it. After consuming this for awhile we started initially to enjoy it a complete lot much more and believed it absolutely was rather energizing to take in.


I’d need state that this worked much better it would than I thought. To show precisely how great this had been there have been some leg that is really intense I experienced that actually took a great deal away from myself but I happened to be in a position to carry on due to this item. My data recovery time passed between units really was improved and sensed a complete lot much better. There is 1 day me limit the soreness a lot after taking this that I hit my legs really hard and was pretty sore the next couple days and this stuff really helped. We believed We leaned up much more and my muscle tissue seemed a bit more slice. Personally I think these items actually assisted press me more through out my actually intense exercises it harder and go longer so I could hit. Had no presssing difficulties with DOMS that I truly dislike if they take place.

Negative Effects:

Had no belly problems after all while using this system or other form of problems that has been great.


I truly liked this system a complete lot and believed it had been quite good for just what you will get in this. It had been thought by me was truly energizing to drink and liked this loads. I’d like to decide to try the cherry that is black the next time and I also prefer to obtain volume dimensions therefore it continues much longer. I’d for certain endorse the product if the searching for a BCAA that is good product will truly allow you to curb your discomfort you can get from very hard and intense exercises.



Taste Good

No Belly Upset


Excellent Tastes

Easy Mixing

Helps with healing

Increased Work Out Ability

Increased Workout Strength